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Leadership is influence. Our team consists of men and women who have a passion to see God move in our church, our community, and the world by empowering our congregation to follow Jesus. We long to follow the legacy of Jesus, the greatest and most competent leader who ever lived, who washed the feet of those men who followed Him. We desire to put a serving towel over our arms and to help lead people to maturity in Christ.

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Amanda Ashworth

Amanda Ashworth

Project Manager

Amanda comes from a background in publishing, as a former Publisher of the Behavioral Sciences and Social Work US journal list with Routledge. Her professional and academic pursuits, including a BA in English and Communications from Rowan University and an MA in Publishing and English from Rosemont College, have led her to explore the mental health, educational, and spiritual landscape, and she has become quite passionate about how a synergy between knowledge, spirituality, and visual storytelling can enhance the next generation's well being.