Calvary Campus

Calvary Campus Is Back for Midweek!

Four Wednesdays at 7:00 PM | September 13 - October 4

Midweek is back! Calvary Campus begins Wednesday, September 13 and runs for four weeks. The format isn't a service - it's an educational environment where we learn rich spiritual truths from experienced teachers and professionals. All are welcome.

We urge you to stay and attend all four weeks of the class that you choose - this is how we design Calvary Campus to be the best it can be for you!

What's for kids? While the adults are in class, we'll have fantastic programming for JKids, Middle School Xtreme, and High School. Parents of JKids students, learn more about Awana here!

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class descriptions

Instructor: Tim Keller (via video) & Bob Guaglione

According to the Bible, generosity is so much more than just being generous with money. The source of generosity that is truly radical is a gospel-transformed heart that has received the costly grace of God. In this sermon series originally preached at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Keller looks at what it means to be generous through service, through relationships, through hospitality, through the privileges and power we hold, and lastly, through our wealth.

Four Questions Everyone Asks
Instructor: Mike Guaglione

Does Christianity Contradict Science?
Aren't All Religions the Same?
How Can We Trust the Bible?
Is God Really Personal?

If we're honest, most of us usually have the same questions about Christianity that skeptics do – we're just too nervous to bring them up. In this class, we'll have honest conversations around some of the toughest topics that people wrestle with outside (and inside) of the Christian faith. Oh, and bring a friend!

Instructor: Pastor Steve Smickley

Join Pastor Steve as he walks verse-by-verse through the book of Esther. This is a rich book that can give us insight into God's special and purposeful plan for our lives.

Desiring the Kingdom
Instructor: Monica Guaglione

Join us as we explore how to turn our worship and affections toward God and His Kingdom purposes. Using the book Desiring the Kingdomby James K.A. Smith, we will examine our thoughts, daily habits, spiritual practices and cultural narratives in light of scripture and other spiritual texts and traditions. We'll discover what it is we truly love and how we can change what we love through the environments we create to align with the culture of heaven.