Mixed Group: Book of Acts


Study the book of Acts with us as we challenge ourselves to live in intentional Christian community with other believers. We will be looking at how the first church formed and how they lived out their faith in the earliest days of Christianity while considering how to apply that to our own lives as we live in community with each other. Each week will start with quiet reflection time to journal, read scripture, and step away from the busyness of life. We will worship together, share snacks, talk about what God did in our lives in the past week, and discuss the book of Acts as we read through it together. This small group welcomes new believers, those questioning religion, and Christians who have walked with the Lord for many years. Whether you are single, married, in college, or in a retirement home, we would love to have you join our small group and create community in Philadelphia with us. 2-3 hour parking can be found nearby on the street and our doorbell doesn't work, so just call or text us when you arrive! Text is the best way to reach us! Adler: 913-449-0646 or acroberts92@gmail.com Anna: 903-746-2147 or annawalk61@gmail.com