WOMENS GROUP: Spiritual Spa Days Well Balanced


Title: Spiritual Spa Days Well Balanced At Spiritual Spa Days we not only renew our minds according to the word for our spirits & soul, but also continually renew our minds in the area of health & natural healing, and we include fitness for our body!! Yes I said a fitness bible study! In 1 Thessalonians 5:23 God says, "may your whole spirit, soul, and BODY be preserved"...not just focusing our attention on spirit & soul, but also the BODY (our temple) which is just as important!! We will purpose to explore what God has provided us on this earth to help heal and care for our temples naturally during our Temple Wellness Spa Days (Wellness teaching this season is a 3 prt teaching on depression & anxiety). We will partake in a 30 min fitness routine prior to our studies during our Temple Fitness Spa Days. This winter & spring for our bible study teaching will be reading through and watching videos from "The Daniel Plan" book, by Rick Warren. Cost of book is $5. Study starts February 5th to May 8th 2019 Please reach out to Michele Ungarino at michunga@comcast.net or call at 484.840.2627.