MIXED GROUP: Be the Bridge to Racial Unity


Be the Bridge to Racial Unity Be the Bridge is a racial reconciliation ministry. Our ethnically diverse small groups (8-12 participants) work through the Be the Bridge to Racial Unity Discussion Guide, This is a 10 week course. Our intent is to build a community of people who share a common goal of creating healthy dialogue about race. The purpose of the course is to create a safe space for participants to become interracial bridge builders within Calvary Chapel and the broader community. The ultimate desire is for the Church to become a credible witness to true biblical oneness. Our next group will begin 10/16/19, at 7pm and meet every Wednesday. Be the Bridge co-leaders: Deborah Warrick, 610.716.2889, bethebridge@ccdelco.com Carol Peters, 610.504.6042, bethebridge@ccdelco.com