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There's Just Something About Christmas

It’s debatable whether Christmas really is “the most wonderful time of the year,” but theres no question that December 25th is the biggest day on our collective calendar. From family dynamics to corporate earnings forecasts, everything seems inextricably tied to the holiday.

What’s the deal? Why do we all go crazy for a month, buy everything we see at Target, and binge-watch the same five movies over and over again? Why does it seem like love, and loss, hit twice as hard in December?

There’s Just Something About Christmas is a four-week series that unpacks the mysterious weight to the world’s biggest holiday. 

John: Encounters with Jesus

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet God face-to-face? What would He say to you? What would His body language communicate? The Gospel written by John presents encounters Jesus had with human beings. Real people like you and me trying to make sense of this life and the next. In this Series we will discover, through the person of Jesus, the God who said “ .... come all who thirst and drink of me and I will give you rest.”

The Perfectly Ordinary Story of Ruth

Ruth is probably the least “spiritual” book in the Bible. There are no kings, no great events, no miracles, no burning bushes, no fire from heaven—God doesn’t even speak or show up in any recognizable way. This is much like us. We go to work, we have kids, we buy candles and pay our mortgages. AND YET. In the “mundane” of life, God calls all of our decisions sacred, and brings about his perfect plan.

Sizzlin Summer 2019

We worship under the stars, and pray for true and lasting life change to take place! We're excited to see what God has planned.

The Holy Spirit

Today, the Holy Spirit is the most misunderstood person of the Trinity. Portrayed often as a force or source of power, many strange happenings are attributed to His doing. For  three weeks, Pastor Bob will teach on the person and work of the Spirit. If we are to walk in the fullness of all that God desires for our church and lives we will need His guidance.


We all get stuck sometimes. 

STUCK in our jobs. STUCK in our relationships. STUCK in our walk with God.

It’s not always a bad thing! We see countless stories in the Bible of God’s people who were walking this same path. And usually, blessings were right around the corner. We’ll explore the ways to combat being stuck where you are so your life can transform and move forward.

We’ll look at the ways we read the Bible, how we do relationships and discipleship, and the ways we can seek God and His guidance. We need each other—let’s all get unstuck.

Christmas Eve 2018

Celebrating this Christmas season as a church family is the highlight of our year. Join us as we celebrate in our Savior's birth at one of our four identical services! If you want to come both days, we won't stop you!

Misc. Sermons

Take a look at the sermons that weren't part of a series. There's some great topics in here.