Current Series

Let There Be Joy | 1 John

Life for Christians in the early church was difficult: False teachings. Persecution from society. Opposition to the truth. Sound familiar? Thankfully, Jesus not only gave us an undeserved gift of salvation, but the gift of joy. Full joy. Joy that lasts because it's based on God and not circumstance. John's letter was meant to build up believers and echo that feeling of joy Jesus preached in His ministry. May we begin to remind ourselves how to live in it.

The Way Of Wisdom

YouTube tutorials. Google searches. Self help books. We have access to information through all of these channels and more, but are we actually living productive lives? What source is truly reliable as we seek out answers to cultivate meaningful lives? The Bible has a book called Proverbs - filled with ancient truths that are still applicable in our modern world. Come join us as we explore these topics. 

Guest Speakers

We love having guest speakers with us. Click here to listen to Bill Butterworth, Buddy Osborn and many more!