Current Series

2020: Clear Vision for Your Life

Each new year brings a vital optimism that things can be better, life more fuller, and a greater sense of meaning to our lives. For this to be achieved, a myriad of resolutions will be made, many unkept.

The foundation of this series is from the understanding that God is more invested in our growing, than where we are going. Let's redeem the time as we are allotted. (Ephesians 5:15-17) 

Christmas Eve 2018

Celebrating this Christmas season as a church family is the highlight of our year. Join us as we celebrate in our Savior's birth at one of our four identical services! If you want to come both days, we won't stop you!

Misc. Sermons

Take a look at the sermons that weren't part of a series. There's some great topics in here.


Let's face it, Revelation is an intimidating book. But, as the old proverbial saying goes, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time." Over the next few months, Pastor Bob is breaking down the book of Revelation—a book that's known for the prophecy and arguments it brings. But, what if we looked at Revelation as the blessing it is to all who hear, resting in the hope that God is in control & Christ's victory is assured? 
May we deepen our sense of urgency & joy together.

Life Verse

Scripture is true, alive, and powerful.  Having a key verse of scripture that guides you through life's challenges is one of the best ways to adhere to God's plan for us. We'll hear how life verses have shaped, transformed, and influenced lives significantly.

Let There Be Joy | 1 John

Life for Christians in the early church was difficult: False teachings. Persecution from society. Opposition to the truth. Sound familiar? 

The Way Of Wisdom

YouTube tutorials. Google searches. Self help books. We have access to information through all of these channels and more, but are we actually living productive lives? What source is truly reliable as we seek out answers to cultivate meaningful lives? The Bible has a book called Proverbs - filled with ancient truths that are still applicable in our modern world. Come join us as we explore these topics.