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Feb 17, 2019 | Matt Maher

Unstuck Part 7: Unstuck in Our Affliction

Pastor Matt Maher gives us a perspective shift when it comes to dealing with afflictions. We look at Paul's thorn in his side and realize where the thorn came from is not nearly as important as what the thorn came for.

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We all get stuck sometimes. 

STUCK in our jobs. STUCK in our relationships. STUCK in our walk with God.

It’s not always a bad thing! We see countless stories in the Bible of God’s people who were walking this same path. And usually, blessings were right around the corner. We’ll explore the ways to combat being stuck where you are so your life can transform and move forward.

We’ll look at the ways we read the Bible, how we do relationships and discipleship, and the ways we can seek God and His guidance. We need each other—let’s all get unstuck.