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"The ‘best small group leader ever’ formed a small team that would eventually change the world." 

Jesus chose the small group (his twelve disciples) as the mechanism by which heaven would invade earth—and the early church followed suit.
This group was meant to be small (intimate), replicate (create disciples), and build life-sustaining environments throughout the world (e.g., families, hospitals, churches, schools, etc.)

That's why we like to compare small groups to the way that cells function in the human body. A cell (from Latin cella, meaning “small room”) is the basic “building block of life”. All cells, although different, are vital to the health of the entire organism (the body). If one fails to thrive, the body will suffer (become sick); if all is well, the body, mind, and spirit of a person will thrive. 

As such, our goal is to help you, and thus our corporate body, thrive.

We intend to provide you with the best possible support on your journey into the small, with information on how to lead and live in a smaller community, as well as practical steps to launch, join, advertise, or manage your small group within our larger corporate body.

For details,

please read this brochure (coming soon) and contact ccdelco’s small group Pastor, John Clifford, to learn how to get connected.

If you'd also like to apply to be a leader of a small group,

you can do so by filling out an application (coming soon). Pastor John will walk you through the process of launching a new group and putting it on our map, as well as provide you with training to lead.

Please sign up for one of our future trainings and get acquainted with our Small Group Handbook (coming soon):

[Dates and details coming soon.]

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