There's Just Something About Christmas

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There's Just Something About Christmas

It’s debatable whether Christmas really is “the most wonderful time of the year,” but theres no question that December 25th is the biggest day on our collective calendar. From family dynamics to corporate earnings forecasts, everything seems inextricably tied to the holiday.

What’s the deal? Why do we all go crazy for a month, buy everything we see at Target, and binge-watch the same five movies over and over again? Why does it seem like love, and loss, hit twice as hard in December?

There’s Just Something About Christmas is a four-week series that unpacks the mysterious weight to the world’s biggest holiday. Join us on this Sunday as we kick it off.

12/1: Mike Guaglione - Gifts
12/8: Parker Green - Joy
12/15: Bob Guaglione - Lights
12/22: Bob Guaglione - Red