Current Series

Old Testament Series: Relevant

In a time where people are doing everything they can to stay relevant — we’re embarking on a 35-week journey into the riches of the Old Testament. Pastor Bob will take us through key chapters, verses, and entire books as we discover the foundation of all that we believe. It has often been said that the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed and the Old Testament is the New Testament concealed. 

You might be surprised with how relevant the Old Testament always has been. The true riches of the journey will be to see Jesus clearly revealed on every page and the rich doctrines of the faith brought out in narrative form. It’s a journey you do not want to miss.

Being Human — The Life of David

David’s life exhibits the raw, unfiltered humanity we often don’t see display. No human in all of existence has been able to sort out life first and then live it; but rather, human existence is active. Being human requires energy and exuberance, failure and repentance, messes and moments of joy. This is the kind of humanity we are shown in the story of David.  By taking a deep dive into the life of David throughout the Bible, we’ll explore what it looks like being fully human in a beautiful relationship with the living God.

Guest Speakers

We love having guest speakers with us. Click here to listen to Bill Butterworth, Buddy Osborn and many more!

2020 Men's Conference

All the messages from our 2020 Men's Conference down in Sandy Cove, MD. January 24-26th, 2020.

2020: Clear Vision for Your Life

Each new year brings a vital optimism that things can be better, life more fuller, and a greater sense of meaning to our lives. For this to be achieved, a myriad of resolutions will be made, many unkept.

The foundation of this series is from the understanding that God is more invested in our growing, than where we are going. Let's redeem the time as we are allotted. (Ephesians 5:15-17) 

There's Just Something About Christmas

It’s debatable whether Christmas really is “the most wonderful time of the year,” but theres no question that December 25th is the biggest day on our collective calendar. From family dynamics to corporate earnings forecasts, everything seems inextricably tied to the holiday.

What’s the deal? Why do we all go crazy for a month, buy everything we see at Target, and binge-watch the same five movies over and over again? Why does it seem like love, and loss, hit twice as hard in December?

There’s Just Something About Christmas is a four-week series that unpacks the mysterious weight to the world’s biggest holiday. 

John: Encounters with Jesus

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet God face-to-face? What would He say to you? What would His body language communicate? The Gospel written by John presents encounters Jesus had with human beings. Real people like you and me trying to make sense of this life and the next. In this Series we will discover, through the person of Jesus, the God who said “ .... come all who thirst and drink of me and I will give you rest.”

The Perfectly Ordinary Story of Ruth

Ruth is probably the least “spiritual” book in the Bible. There are no kings, no great events, no miracles, no burning bushes, no fire from heaven—God doesn’t even speak or show up in any recognizable way. This is much like us. We go to work, we have kids, we buy candles and pay our mortgages. AND YET. In the “mundane” of life, God calls all of our decisions sacred, and brings about his perfect plan.