Precious in the sight of the Lord
Is the death of His saints.
(Psalm 116:15)

While the Bible teaches that death is not the end, the fact remains that all human beings die. Even though we are eternal beings and live on through eternity, there is obvious precedent in Scripture for honoring the life of a loved one at his or her death. (For example, read of Abraham's concern for Sarah's final resting place in Genesis 23, and of Jesus' followers care for His body in the Gospels.) At Calvary Chapel, when one of our members dies we will be there to help the family walk through the process of bereavement. If desired, we will conduct a service in honor of the person's life, working in conjunction with the funeral home of your choice. Most of all, we will declare the reality of true life in Christ.

It would be our privilege to help at such a time. Please call the church office and ask for a Care Ministry staff member.