Sunday Mornings in JKids

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Sunday Mornings in JKids

Please take some time to review the plans and policies for JKids:


Before checking in children, we’ll conduct a health check of each family. If family members are experiencing any of the symptoms listed below, we will request that family try again next week.

  • A temperature >=100.4 or chills, now or in the last 48 hours
  • New sudden loss of taste or smell
  • Sore throat, dry cough, or trouble breathing
  • Fatigue, headache, or body aches
  • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
  • Check-in occurs at manned stations in two locations
    • At the bottom of the stairs at the far side of the Atrium
    • Near the JKids parking lot entrance
  • Please use the social distancing markers in the check-in areas
  • Designated Check-In Volunteers will sign in all families, providing a touch-free experience
Drop-Off and Pick-Up

As you drop off and pick up your children, please:

  • Use masks for adults and children 3 years and older
  • Follow a counterclockwise path around JKids, as indicated by signs on the walls
  • Take your children to the restroom prior to dropping them off in their classrooms (Please note: At this time, JKids staff will not change diapers nor assist in cleaning a child who is potty training. Parents will be called to address these needs, as needed.)
  • Children will be dropped off in the following classrooms:
    • Puggles (2-3-year-olds) – 2-3-year-old room
    • Cubbies (3-5 year-olds) – Dance room
    • Sparks (K-2nd grade) – Multipurpose room
    • T&T (3rd-4th grade) – 4th Grade room

JKids follows the mask protocols and practices used throughout ccdelco, so:

  • Parents and Children. Masks are recommended for adults and children ages 3 years and older
  • Check-In/Check-Out Volunteers will wear masks.
  • Teachers and Classroom Helpers will have masks and are permitted to remove them while teaching
  • Flexibility will be extended to adults and children who have difficulty wearing masks, and children will be permitted to remove masks during games and when they are able to maintain physical distance from others
  • Staff will perform self-health-checks prior to serving and will not serve if exhibiting any of the symptoms listed above
  • Classrooms are equipped with individual room air purifiers
  • Hand sanitizer will be present in all rooms, and children will be encouraged to wash hands/use sanitizer throughout their time at church
  • Toy selection will be limited, and bins of toys will be changed for each service
  • Craft materials, like crayons and glue sticks, will be packaged for individual use
  • High-use surfaces, including restrooms, will be sanitized between services
  • Please review the section below for specific measures taken for each age group
Age Level-Specific plans and precautions
  • NURSERY. Childcare will not be provided in the nursery at this time. However, parents may sit in the nursery with their infant/toddler children on weeks when the following guidelines are met:
    • A Background-Checked Volunteer is present to provide a secure environment for the rest of JKids. The safety of our children is a top priority in JKids. We can only allow parents in the nursery if we have a background-checked volunteer available to supervise that area. The role of this volunteer is not to watch children, but to ensure the security of the JKids environment
    • Parents agree to complete background checks. You can complete your background checks online for free, using the links here. By completing your background checks before sitting in the nursery with your child(ren), you’re helping us maintain a safe environment for all our children
    • Parents remain in the nursery for the entire service. Only volunteers and children should be in the hallways during service. We ask anyone sitting in the nursery with their infant/toddler to remain there the entire service hour
  • PUGGLES (2-3-year-olds)
    • Social distancing will not be attempted in the Puggles classroom
    • Instead, the focus will be on maintaining a hygienic environment by:
      • Encouraging the use of hand sanitizer during key transitions throughout service
      • Packaging supplies for individual use
      • Replacing toys and sanitizing surfaces between services
    • Please note: At this time, JKids staff will not change diapers nor assist in cleaning a child who is potty training. Parents will be called to address these needs, as needed.
  • CUBBIES (3-5-year-olds)
    • Cubbies will be separated into smaller “pods” for all activities. Children will only directly interact with the teacher and other children in their pod
    • Pods will take part in large group worship and learning at the same time, but pods will remain physically distant from one another during this time of corporate learning
  • SPARKS (K-2nd grade) and T&T (3rd-4th grade)
    • Large Group Time. Sparks and T&T come together for a time of corporate worship in the multipurpose room. During this time, children will be seated on carpet squares separated 3’ from one another
    • Small Group Time. Sparks and T&T will separate into individual classrooms for times of small group learning. Innovate Academy has desks positioned 6’ apart. JKids will utilize those desks and spacing for small group instruction
    • Cubbies, Sparks, and T&T pods will each have a designated time for games during the service hour
    • Games will be chosen:
      • To limit or eliminate interpersonal contact
      • To utilize as many individualized props/supplies as possible
      • To maximize spacing between children
    • Children will use hand sanitizer both at the beginning and at the end of game time

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