Services at 9:30AM and 11:00AM

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Services at 9:30AM and 11:00AM


July 12th

Come on in! Church inside this Sunday, July 12th.

We have absolutely loved doing church outside with you this summer! We are excited to invite you back inside to worship together. Service times will remain at 9:30AM & 11:00AM with our 11AM livestream. Weather permitting, there will still be an outdoor option to watch the service on the large screen outdoors at 9:30AM and 11AM. If you are more comfortable sitting on the lawn, you are still welcome to do so.

Here’s what you need to know about indoor services: 

Entrances & Exits
  • There will be marked entrances and exits going into the building and the sanctuary to control the flow of traffic. 
  • Be on the lookout for signage and ushers showing you where to enter and exit.
The Table
  • The Table will be open for hot/iced coffee, specialty drinks, and grab-and-go breakfast items.
  • Please wear a mask when ordering at the Table.
  • All Table personnel will have masks and continue to wear gloves.
  • We encourage you to arrive early as we are limiting the total number of people in the sanctuary at 250. This is roughly 25% of our capacity, which allows for plenty of social distancing. (There will be overflow seating available if the sanctuary fills up.)
  • Please use the center doors for entering the sanctuary and use the side doors for exiting.
  • Inside the sanctuary you can seat yourself. Every other aisle of seating will be available. 
  • We encourage you to maintain 6 feet of distance. (Families can sit together, of course!)
  • Masks are recommended indoors when you cannot maintain social distance between yourself and others
  • Masks are not required during the service.
  • JKids will be happening outdoors under a big tent this week! 
  • There will be two check-in stations each week, both indoors & outdoors with a check-in line marked for social distancing. Designated Check-In Volunteers will check in all families, providing a touch-free experience.
  • For more info on how we’re keeping your kids safe, read here.
Youth group
  • Middle School (grades 5-8) and High School (grades 9-12) will be combined at 9:30AM and 11AM upstairs.
  • All youth will follow the same guidelines and we trust that each family will make decisions for their best interest.
Future Services Indoors and Outdoors

If there’s one thing we’ve learned this year, it’s that we all need to stay flexible. Our desire is to do as many services as possible outside, weather permitting, so just keep your chairs and blankets in the car so you're always prepared!

June 7th

Church outside!

We can’t wait to be back together for church on the lawn on June 7th! We are so grateful that we’ve been doing church outside for Sizzlin’ Summer for the past 15 years and already have the infrastructure in place to gather this way. There will be protocols in place to keep everyone safe, and we know that each person and family will be making decisions that are best for their health. If you are not able to join us in person, the livestream will continue to be available at 11AM.

Here’s what you need to know about our first Sunday together:

Service Times

Services will be at 9:30AM and *11:00AM.
*The 11AM service will be livestreamed. 


A believer's baptism is a symbol of our identifying  with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We typically offer baptisms at our Wednesday night Sizzlin' Summer and other outdoor services.

We're opening the pool during our Sunday outdoor services. Click here to schedule your baptism ahead of time or just show up with a change of clothes and head to the connections kiosk.

Social Distancing

We are so blessed to have a large outdoor property that makes social distancing very possible. You can even sit in/near your car in the parking lot and still see and hear the service. We encourage everyone to police yourselves out of a spirit of love, making sure you are aware of those around you and ensuring they feel comfortable.


Individual Seating: The front section of seating nearest the stage will be 6 rows of 10 individual chairs that are spaces 6 feet apart in all directions. If you are attending alone or need to ensure you are 6 feet away from everyone, this section is for you. These chairs will be pre-set so you do not need to bring a chair to sit here.

Family & Group Seating: There are aisle markers (orange snow poles) set up to mark 6 feet apart. Please set up chairs you bring in a line with the aisle markers to ensure social distancing. If you’ve already been together with your family, there’s no need for you to sit 6 feet apart, just ensure you leave space between your group and other couples or groups near you so that everyone feels comfortable.

Bleachers & Picnic Tables: The bleachers and picnic tables are set up. Please be mindful of your distancing and the comfort level of those around you if sitting in these areas.

  • During the social time before and after service, please wear a mask. 
  • If you are ordering coffee, please wear a mask. 
  • When singing, please wear a mask.
  • When you use the restroom, please wear a mask.
  • During the service you do not have to wear a mask. It is up to your discretion.

There will be access to the indoor restrooms through the front doors of the church. Please wear a mask when going indoors and make sure to wash your hands!

Sanitization Stations

Hand sanitizer stations are available outside & inside our facility. 

Childcare & JKids

Childcare is not available, but children are welcome. There will be a JKids tent for you to connect with Pastor Dave. Often, families with young children will sit further back on the lawn so the kids can move around during the service. Additionally, the playground will be open.

The Table

Coffee will be served outdoors! No specialty drinks or food will be available. Drip coffee will be $1, cash only.


Tailgate Seating
The front row of parking spaces that face the outdoor stage will be reserved for people who want to “tailgate” the service by sitting in/on the backs of their cars. First come, first serve on those spots.

Rain Plan

Just like Sizzlin’ Summer, we will be watching the weather leading up to our Sunday services and will make the call as soon as we are able to.  If the services are rained out, we will record indoors and stream the service on our YouTube channel. Pray for sunshine! 

No matter what, we'll be sure to communicate that on our website and our social media, so be sure to keep tabs on that. If you don't hear from us, that means we are on as normal!