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Being Human — The Life of David

Sep 06, 2020 | Bob Guaglione

Being Discouraged

We all experience seasons of discouragement; however, no season is ever wasted. We measure in happiness, but God measures in holiness, and we have an opportunity to seek His will in every circumstance. We must learn to delight ourselves in the Lord alone.



Series Information

David’s life exhibits the raw, unfiltered humanity we often don’t see display. No human in all of existence has been able to sort out life first and then live it; but rather, human existence is active. Being human requires energy and exuberance, failure and repentance, messes and moments of joy. This is the kind of humanity we are shown in the story of David.  By taking a deep dive into the life of David throughout the Bible, we’ll explore what it looks like being fully human in a beautiful relationship with the living God.