Navigating the Trajectory of Life: A Study of Joseph

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Old Testament Series: Relevant

Nov 15, 2020 | Bob Guaglione

Navigating the Trajectory of Life: A Study of Joseph

Joseph was a lot more like you and me than we think.

He is one of the most unique characters in Genesis. He never audibly heard the voice of God, was never visited by an angel, and yet his role is still so important.

Series Information

In a time where people are doing everything they can to stay relevant — we’re embarking on a 35-week journey into the riches of the Old Testament. Pastor Bob will take us through key chapters, verses, and entire books as we discover the foundation of all that we believe. It has often been said that the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed and the Old Testament is the New Testament concealed. 

You might be surprised with how relevant the Old Testament always has been. The true riches of the journey will be to see Jesus clearly revealed on every page and the rich doctrines of the faith brought out in narrative form. It’s a journey you do not want to miss.