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2020: Clear Vision for Your Life

Jan 05, 2020 | Bob Guaglione

Part I: Walking with God

You don’t have to read the Bible too long to figure out that our God is all about new things and looking forward.

Healthy things grow. God wants us to grow, each and every day. The number one metaphor we see in scripture is a seed and we notice that God is more concerned with our growing then where we're going.

We have been given the capacity to serve God, run our own lives, and serve others in a world in how do we achieve this? 

Series Information

Each new year brings a vital optimism that things can be better, life more fuller, and a greater sense of meaning to our lives. For this to be achieved, a myriad of resolutions will be made, many unkept.

The foundation of this series is from the understanding that God is more invested in our growing, than where we are going. Let's redeem the time as we are allotted. (Ephesians 5:15-17)