Small Groups

"The best small group leader ever formed a small team that would eventually change the world." Jesus chose the small group (his twelve disciples) as the mechanism by which heaven would invade earth—and the early church followed suit.  

We believe that a lot of life change happens in circles, not rows. Joining a small group connects you to a family, and will make this church seem a whole lot smaller. Check out the different groups that we offer and feel free to attend and try a few out:

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If you're new to ccdelco, we can help find the best group for you. Fill out the form below and someone will reach out, get to know you, and get you connected.

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If you don't see a group that fits for you or a group in your area, consider becoming a small group leader! As Jesus sent his disciples out two by two, we would love it if you considered  facilitating a small group with a friend.

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