Welcome to our Men’s Ministry Page!

Our desire is to lead men on a journey to become fully-devoted followers of Christ.  We create environments that are a catalyst to encountering God, growing as a disciple, and connecting as a community of men to impact the world.

In our ministry to men, we seek to edify and empower men to live into the fullness of their purpose and calling in Christ.  Our challenge is to invite men into the larger story of God, where we are truly transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit.  However, transformation doesn’t happen in isolation. We believe that men grow in the company of other men, as we challenge and sharpen one another into a brotherhood where body, soul and spirit can be made whole.  To this end, we are guided by the following five core values: 

AUTHENTICITY - a culture of going deep!  

Everything begins with authenticity as we encourage men to keep it real. Bring the real you!  We’re looking for real men to live a real faith.

INTENTIONALITYa culture of asking!

We pursue and invite all men into a spiritual band of brotherhood. Each one ask one – it’s how we grow!

TRANSFORMATION – a culture of taking the next step!

This is our key value where spiritual formation and growth take place. The invitation of Jesus has always been, “come, follow Me.” The spiritual life is about growing into the image of Christ as we say ‘yes’ to the invitation.

SERVICE – a culture of servanthood!

We seek to develop servant leaders in our church, our communities, and beyond. Where are you giving yourself to others?

UNITY – a culture of one!

There are no Lone Rangers in the Kingdom – who are the men connected to your journey? The body of Christ is the central focus where we have shared responsibilities according to God’s gifting and shared trust.  Where every man is known and no man is left behind!

Are you in?

Are you ready to be challenged? There are great opportunities in men’s ministry – places to go, places to grow and always something to conquer. Take a look at some of the events and activities that are going on and maybe consider, as a first step, getting involved in our small groups. Don’t see something that interests you? Perhaps you will consider leading a group? Let’s have a conversation.


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