Online Prayer Requests

Although we cannot meet in person to pray, our Prayer Team and Care Chaplains have made themselves available to pray over your specific requests. If you desire prayer in this time or want to talk to someone about the Good News of Jesus Christ, please fill out the form below and submit your request. The form gives you the option to request a follow-up call to pray with someone from our team. 

Receive Prayer

Need prayer immediately? Call us at 610-459-8111 ext 132. we'd love to pray with you.

Prayer line
Monday — Friday at 7AM & 7PM

In a time such as this, the only thing we're certain of is prayer — connecting with God and bringing about spiritual unity in a time of physical separation. 

We're offering a live prayer line you can join by phone Monday through Friday at 7AM and 7PM. In the mornings, we offer corporate prayer. In the evenings, we have specific demographics gathering to pray virtually. This is a way to stay connected as a church by praying with one another, interceding for our nation, and submitting prayer requests.

Take a look at our new schedule as we're praying with targeted groups:


7AM: Corporate, All-Church Prayer 7PM: Women's Prayer


7AM: Corporate, All-Church Prayer 7PM: Young Women 18-30 Prayer & Encouragement


7AM: Corporate, All-Church Prayer 6PM: Senior Adults + Care Groups (Support in bereavement, divorce, and addiction)


7AM: Corporate, All-Church Prayer 7PM: Married Couples


7AM: Corporate, All-Church Prayer 7PM: JKids Parents & Community

How to join:

  • You can all directly at (857) 799-9187 (no access code needed). 
  • You may join at any time; however, we recommend calling in from 6:55-7:05 AM/PM to avoid circuit overload. 
  • We recommend downloading the "Free Conference Call" application due to the high volume of calls during this time. Click here to Download for iPhone, here to Download for Android(This will also give you the ability to call in over WiFi.)
    • If you experience any problems logging on, email Lisa at  so we may assist you.